PEAS ERP system
System supervision

Why us?


We provide stable and full range of IT solutions for more than 11 years.


We assume comprehensive responsibility and financial guarantee for the work we have done.


Our expert team is organised according to the problems arising.

Advanced technology

We strain after the latest tecnologies in every fields.


At first, our company focused on developing individual software, later this activity expanded with basic, then total system supervision and system integration services. For today, we monitor more than 200 physical devices and over 1800 services, 120000 endpoint served (of which 70000 managed), every day of the year, 24/7.

Our self-developed Enterprise Management System – called PEAS - has been designed specifically for Hungarian SMEs, focusing on the Hungarian accounting and legal environment.

During our operation we have already seen a wide range of systems, tools, customers and requests. With this experience and background, it is natural that our first question when facing problems will not be "Can we solve it?" but "How can we solve it"?